Discover the source of your voice and the source of your confidence.

Diane engages audiences with her stories and violin for an unforgettable experience!

Are you ready to own your A-Game?

Own Your A-Game: Fulfill on Your Potential

Best Audience: Women's Empowerment & Leadership


Are your high level skills and special talents untapped? Do fears and inhibitions get in the way?  Discover how to consistently get into your A-Game outside of your comfort zone.

🔷 Harness what makes you “tick” and close personal performance gaps.

🔷 Gain mastery over your stress response and bust through fears.

🔷 How to exude your unique leadership presence and be an influential leader.



Own Your A-Game: How to Be Convincing


Do you feel unheard? Do people over-react? Does communication seem more difficult than it should be?

In this session, you will not only receive an evaluation tool as to why you may not have been convincing in the past, but you will leave knowing exactly what to say in order to be convincing.

Learn how to increase your conversion rates selling your ideas, products, and services.

🔷  Go from “selling” to educating and leading.

🔷  Harness your authenticity and be in your most convincing energy.

🔷  Learn the 3 critical things you must say in order to convince.


I had the pleasure of attending Diane's session "How to Be Convincing". Working in Event Sales, I hear hundreds of speakers. Diane presented in a way I have never heard before. Using her immense musical talent, she demonstrated how to implement the three necessary pillars to be convincing. The musical component provided a memorable message and experience.

Alisia Anderson
Event Sales & Marketing for Safeco Field