Sharon Swanson

I loved the calming, confidence building “heart” techniques.

Stefanie Davis

I am now able to serve others more confidently by connecting to my passion of helping others.

Allison Giffin

Diane is a wonderful speaker. I appreciate the positive outlook combined with physical tools.

Shelli Wainwright

I loved this presentation at SHRMA! Now that I know how, I am going to get out of my own way!

Emily Brink

After hearing Diane’s warm, confident, and inspiring presentation, I can see myself realize on my potential as a confident person and performer.

Andrew Epperson

I absolutely loved it! Diane was direct, clear, and relatable. I discovered that I need to stop keeping my passions to myself and use them as a way to lead others.

Allison Gordon

I found Diane‘s presentation engaging, inspiring, and relatable. My biggest aha moment was understanding that influence is leadership. Great presentation!