Cassandra Lieberman

I thought the way Diane incorporated sound into her presentation was unique. My brain started to associate the steps with the music allowing me to remember the information in a different way. It’s not often you receive sales training that is correlated to music – it really resonated with me!

Sharon Borgardt

Remembering the power of my heartspace – WOW! 15 feet is amazing! Good, useful tools for success and remembering to pause to focus on my body, mind, and spirit. Thank You!

Kelly Stiles

After today’s session with Diane Allen, I can see myself developing a productive physical response to release any unwanted paralysis.

Steve McCoy

Very Helpful! Now I will make sure to stop and conquer my Body/Mind/Spirit before acting on a difficult action. Looking forward to sharing this with employees who are stuck on a plateau.

Board Members

Thank you once again for blowing us over with your heartfelt messages that speak to our mission. We simply cannot imagine a more perfect fit for our members.

Mary Phillips

Great presentation – Thank you. I learned so much especially how to get out of my own way.

Erica Rolniak

Thank you for the wonderful tips for getting past nervous “shut down”. So HELPFUL.

Claire Oester

Great info! I really appreciated the knowledge given about how to be convincing and the advice about how to get out of your own way!

Joshua Romero

I now see how to tie my passion to my work and the importance of giving myself permission to prioritize time for doing the things that get me into my A-Game.