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I did it! By the time I was 35 I had a husband, a son, a house and a job. I worked incredibly hard to get to this point in my life! I deserved to take a break! I TOOK PRIDE IN MY PLATEAU!

A few years later, the summer festival orchestra I performed with went bankrupt. That’s okay. I’ll just go and audition for another summer festival orchestra.

That’s when I discovered that while I had been proudly plateau-ing, the other violinists were still improving and there was an entirely new level of performance excellence. I haven’t played in a summer festival orchestra since. I was the one who put a lid on my own potential.

Are you on a plateau? What do you say to yourself to justify it? How can you take the lid off of your own potential?

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Diane Allen is a violinist and keynote speaker. With her violin in hand, Diane helps people to close their performance gaps, fulfill on their potential, and lead with heart. Diane also helps caregivers of Hospice & Alzheimer’s patients to feel empowered and supported in the face of death.

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