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I’ll be honest, my default pattern is to play life in my B-Game. You? Isn’t it easier that way? Maybe it’s a relief to coast at work because your personal life is stressful… Maybe you coast in your personal life because work has been so stressful… Maybe you choose your B-Game because it matches your salary…

My default B-Game story comes from my childhood. Okay I’ll be dating myself here but the truth is that when I was in K-12, it didn’t matter how well I did in school. I could always marry someone with money! My brother on the other hand was held to a much higher standard! I was a B student by choice. I had my own standard so I did the minimum to keep up the 3.0 GPA. Why bother to be an A student?

After decades in the performing arts, I know now that I have to be in my A-Game! But it never happens without the preliminary moan. That said, I’m always grateful afterwards when I’ve put in my A-Game effort.

What’s the story that you tell yourself that keeps a lid on your potential?

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