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How the peak performance lessons I learned as the concertmaster of an orchestra – increases employee engagement, results, and influence!

As a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music in 1987 I felt invincible! I had not only learned how to live in NYC unscathed, but I had just received top notch, world class violin training.

My next step was to audition for orchestras, a violinist’s version of job interviews. I would show up feeling invincible but in the moment it took to lift the violin bow to the strings… invincible would melt into vulnerable.

Showing my high skill level under pressure was the missing success skill.

Determined, I studied everything I could find about the fight or flight response. I read about the inner game of sports and I put those lucky A-Game moments under a microscope. After 10 years of trial and error I went from non-functional during auditions to becoming the lead violinist of an orchestra where I was expected to be in my A-Game 500% of the time.

As I honed my own peak performance skills, I developed a system for others to discover their own personalized path for consistent excellence so that they could enjoy daily peak performance. Here are some of the results!

Increased Employee Engagement – Getting into your A-Game is a personal matter. Nobody can force you. Circumstances can’t dictate. Defining your A-Game is a personal inquiry into what gets you into your A-Game and it’s always something that is important and meaningful for you. Once defined, people can purposefully choose to either go through the motions of their day – or – engage in something that is important and meaningful. If you had a choice between being a drone or feeling personally connected, what would you pick?

Increased Results – Self-actualization is top of the list of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. When people overcome their personal barriers to success, and they can see their performance gap close before their very eyes, like the moth to the streetlight, they can’t help themselves! Peak performance breeds more peak performance.

Increased Influence – You know how awe inspiring it is to watch an Olympian perform a personal best? How about a rock n’ roll guitarist ripping it up? Don’t you agree that watching other people in their A-Game brings something out within you? Here’s the good news. When you are completely immersed in your A-Game, whether you are trying to or not, people will perceive you as passionate and acting in confidence. Here’s the exact words that Stanford researchers use to describe how to be influential. They say that

“Passion is persuasive and confidence is contagious.”

Therefore, when people witness you in your A-Game, like the Olympian or guitarist, you will be persuasive, contagious and influential.

My journey into gaining mastery in peak performance started out by being in survival mode and has since become a way of life. I invite you to discover your personalized path to fulfilling on your potential so you can not only increase your engagement, your results, and your influence but experience a path that is deeply rewarding.

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