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Own Your A-Game: Turning Talent into Performance

Your talents are how you shine your light in the world. It’s what comes easy, it’s your knack, your passion. With your talents activated, how can your turn them into performance?

Whatever sparks your personal engagement with your talents is the root of high levels of performance. It’s the impetus that gets you into your A-Game.

I’m not talking about engagement that drains you or is contrived for someone else’s goal. I’m talking about easily sustained engagement that stems from using your talents, naturally being your best self, and enjoying fulfillment.

What engages Darla a 2nd grade teacher to teach the same lessons year after year? The act of sharing.

What engages Lewis the founder of a cyber security technology startup? Out of the box problem solving.

What engages Barb a Senior Loan Officer for a mortgage company? Creatively combining resources.

How do you turn these activities of engagement into performance?

Step One: Apply your activities of engagement in the different landscapes of your life.

This is how you can get into your A-Game especially outside of your comfort zone.

Where else can Darla share, Lewis employ out of the box problem solving, and  Barb creatively combine resources? How can they use their activated talents to perform well and be their best selves especially when it matters most?

Step Two: Get out of the way!

It’s well documented that top performers from sports to welding or music to sales do their best when the mind chatter is gone and the focus is on a purpose far greater than themselves. In other words – how can you quiet your mind, lose yourself in the moment, and serve a greater cause?

What irresistibly compels Darla to deliver a personal best? Sharing knowledge with the purpose of delivering freedom.

What irresistibly compels Lewis to deliver a personal best? Out of the box problem solving with the purpose of delivering safety and therefore peace of mind.

What irresistibly compels Barb to deliver a personal best? Creatively combining financial resources with the purpose of delivering hope and freedom.

Identifying the greater cause that is irresistibly compelling for you and using that as your guiding force is the quickest way to remove personal barriers and rise to the occasion.

Your talents are how you shine your light in the world. Discovering what activities engage you with your talents is the key to owning your A-Game and being able to purposefully tap into your A-Game anytime, anywhere, especially out of your comfort zone and when it matters most.

Applying your talents for a greater cause is how you turn your talents into high performance.

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