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Own Your A-Game: Activate Talent

Why do you work so hard and fault yourself for all the things that don’t come easily to you? Talent is inherent or learned through passion + time. It’s what comes easy, it’s your knack, your passion. It’s how your essence shines its light in the world and yet because it comes easy for you or because it’s your passion you don’t honor it.

Do you embrace your talents but you deny taking credit because it just flows out of you? Do you feel disdain for others because they do accept praise for things that to you seem to come easily?

In my 28 years of violin teaching, I experienced firsthand how students grow their confidence when they are acknowledged for their talents.

I had some exceptionally talented students. I had students whose passion overshadowed the work involved and never viewed the work as “hard”. I had students who came because their parents said so. In any case, every student that walked through the door received not a compliment, not a judgement, but an acknowledgement for what already existed within them.

By shining an external light on what they already knew to be true within themselves, like water to a seedling, they developed their own self-esteem and desire to shine even more.

As I’ve coached people and spoken to audiences, I am amazed at how distanced we’ve become from our own talents.

The awkward realtor who in her personal life is a super connector and how she hadn’t thought to bring her connector self to work…

The CEO of a startup who is a passionate problem solver and had to be reminded that pitching for funding doesn’t mean he’s being put under a microscope to be scrutinized! Pitching is a platform for him to express being a passionate problem solver and having the chance to influence others with his passion!

The trailblazing educator whose job it is to figure out how to teach math so students find relevance is her best self when she is taking a chaotic situation and finding patterns within it. She didn’t realize that her method of trailblazing is exactly that, turning chaos into patterns. She didn’t realize that sharing her findings to administrators meant that she would be modeling how to turn chaos into patterns.

You know how you turn to Asha because she’s a wiz with spreadsheets? You know how Adam has a special knack for being the voice of reason? You know how Ahmed loves building things with his hands? (Ahmed means: one who deserves praise due to their good character!)

Acknowledge them!

You know how you slam dunked a situation? You know how you knew exactly what to do? You know how you had fun with a project? This is how your essence shines its light in the world.

Acknowledge yourself!

Acknowledgement is how you honor it. Like water to a seedling, acknowledgement is how you activate talent within yourself and others.


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