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Not in Your A-Game = Lack of Self Leadership

You know, more than anybody else, what you are truly capable of. Yes it’s a journey to close your performance gaps but it’s one that I’m asking you to take a stand for. That’s self-leadership.

Between my violin career and my speaking career, I’ve made hundreds of videos. There’s nothing more confronting than seeing yourself on video!

I’ve put a lot of videos out there of me in my B & C-Game knowing that sometimes imperfect action is better than no action. I put those videos out there knowing that I’ve said “yes” to the A-Game journey.

Last week, I put together an A-Game video (it’s my demo). I felt very emotional as I was making it. I knew in my bones it was going to be an important video. I felt vulnerable about exposing my inner secret publicly on video: what I know I’m truly capable of.

The growing pains were worth it.

So if you do find yourself in your C, D, or F-Game, take a look at how you are leading yourself.

  • Are you leading yourself or avoiding the journey?
  • Are you taking imperfect action as part of the journey?
  • Are others starting to see what you’ve know all along: what you are truly capable of?

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