Discover Your Flow Strategy™

The flow state is an optimal state of mind when we feel our best and perform our best. Every one of us is wired to get into their flow state, but very few people know how to access this powerful thought process. The Discover Your Flow Strategy™ course walks you through Diane Allen's proven system so you can get into the flow state at will.

Through audios and PDFs, you will be guided through a discovery process that will uncover your unique Flow Strategy™. You'll then learn how to apply your Flow Strategy™ to shift into the flow state both on purpose, and with purpose.

Why discover your Flow Strategy™? There are many reasons ranging from overcoming fear, dropping inhibitions and gaining confidence, all the way to increasing meaning in your life, reaching your potential, and going beyond what you thought you were capable of.

What can the flow state do for you?


Ready to discover your Flow Strategy™?



  • Discover how the flow state can help you.
  • Learn the key indicators that you are in flow.
  • Gain techniques to make the most of the flow state when it happens naturally.

Flow State 1.0 - Discover Your Flow Strategy

  • Identify where you are when you are in the flow state the most.
  • Discover what you are doing to get into the flow state.
  • Understand why it's so meaningful for you.

Flow State 2.0 - The Gift is in the Shift

  • Learn how to shift into the flow state on purpose. Make it a repeatable process.
  • Learn how to shift into the flow state with purpose. Make it a meaningful process.
  • Re-purpose your Flow Strategy to help you out in different places and difficult situations.

Flow State 3.0 - Leadership

  • Understand the importance of self-leadership and how to apply your Flow Strategy.
  • Discover the impact you can make on others, simply by being in your flow state.

Ready to discover your Flow Strategy?