Diane engages audiences and creates a high impact with her
stories and her poignant violin demos
for an unforgettable experience!

Are you ready to own your A-Game?

Own Your A-Game: Fulfill on Your Potential

Best Audience: Associations and Organizations that rely on Maximizing Human Potential

Are high level skills and special talents untapped? Are fears and inhibitions in the way?  Is there a lack of engagement and lack of performance excellence?

Discover how to consistently get into your A-Game outside of your comfort zone. Energize engagement, inspire performance excellence and leadership.

🔷 Harness what makes you “tick” and close personal performance gaps.

🔷 Gain mastery over your stress response and bust through fears.

🔷 How to exude your unique leadership presence and be an influential leader.



Own Your A-Game: High Performance under High Pressure

Best Audience: High Performance Organizations such as Medical, Financial, Sales

Is your organization's reputation based solely on performance? Are your high performers at risk of burning out? Are your employees out of touch with their motivation?

Master personal performance, prevent burnout, and inspire leadership.

🔷  Gain mastery over your stress response.

🔷  Learn how to get into your A-Game at will.

🔷  Establish yourself as an influential leader.

Own Your A-Game and Be Convincing


Do your leaders lead? Are your sales goals falling short? How to increase your conversion rates selling your ideas, products, and services.

🔷  Go from “selling” to educating and leading.

🔷  Harness your authenticity and be in your most convincing energy.

🔷  Learn the 3 critical things you must say in order to convince.


Death Without Drama: With Planning Comes Peace

Best Audience: Families & Friends of Hospice and Families & Friends of Alzheimer's Patients

Heartwarming stories along with Diane's personal reflections from her experiences as a caregiver.

🔷 Examples of the preparation that brings peace.

🔷 Tips to manage stress.

🔷 The journey from helping to leading.