Own Your A-Game: Fulfill On Your Potential

Best Audience: Association Events, Annual Conferences, Corporate Events, Leadership, Sales, Direct Sales

Peak Performance, Personal Development, Leadership Development

When it matters most, how well do you perform? Do you rock, stumble, or fall? Can you operate at the level you know you are capable of, even under pressure?

Your ability to be in your A-Game is THE success skill that will impact everything: your influence, your reputation, your bank account. Owning your A-Game will bring you greater fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

Diane helps audiences to design their own personalized path for consistent excellence. With the 3 Steps to Own Your A-Game, audience members gain immediate insights and specific steps that when followed not only help people to be their best but help them to go beyond and surpass their previously perceived limits.

Learning Objectives

     💠Assess current performance levels especially when it matters most.

     💠Recognize specific inherent qualities that when utilized create consistent excellence.

     💠Discover how to cultivate personal best moments on purpose.

     💠Gain strategies to remove personal barriers and flourish.

     💠Walk through the 3 Steps to Own Your A-Game and leave with a personalized plan for consistent excellence.


After hearing Diane's speech, what I see is how to tie my passion to my work and the importance of giving myself permission to prioritize time for doing the things that get me into my flow state and into my A-Game. Especially now that I understand that passion is persuasive and confidence is contagious.

Joshua Romero~ Community Relations Manager for the City of Bend