Own Your A-Game: High Performance under High Pressure

Best Audience: Medical, Sales, and High Performance Organizations 

Are your high performers burning out? Are your employees making mistakes under pressure?

How to master personal performance, avoid burnout, and increase leadership presence.

🔷  Gain mastery over your stress response.

🔷  Learn how to get into your A-Game at will.

🔷  Establish yourself as an influential leader.

Own Your A-Game and Be Convincing

Best Audience: Leaders, Managers, Sales, Women, Human Resources

Do your leaders lead? Are your sales goals falling short?

How to increase your conversion rates selling your ideas, products, and services.

🔷  Go from “selling” to educating and leading.

🔷  Harness your authenticity to be in your most influential energy.

🔷  Learn the 3 critical things you must say in order to convince.


Own Your A-Game: Fulfill on Your Potential

Best Audience: Women, Performing Arts, Non-Profits

Are your high level skills and special talents untapped? Are fears and inhibitions in the way of achieving the dream?

Discover the source of your confidence. Be infallible outside of your comfort zone. Close any performance gaps due to fear, inhibitions, or lack of confidence.

🔷 Discover what makes you “tick” and close performance gaps by being your best self anytime, anywhere.

🔷 Gain mastery over your stress response.

🔷 How to exude your unique leadership presence and be an influential leader.


Half Day Training: How to Increase Engagement & Performance

Best Audience: Human Resources, Managers

Do your managers and HR professionals know how to increase engagement and performance?

Learn how using the Own Your A-Game System. You’ll leave knowing how to help employees to:

🔷 Discover their most compelling self-motivator to engage themselves at work.

🔷  Show them how to get out of their way and perform at their best.

🔷 Help them gain mastery over their stress response so they can exceed previous performance limits.


After hearing Diane's speech, what I see is how to tie my passion to my work and the importance of giving myself permission to prioritize time for doing the things that get me into my flow state and into my A-Game. Especially now that I understand that passion is persuasive and confidence is contagious.

Joshua Romero~ Community Relations Manager for the City of Bend