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How We Cut Ourselves Off From Our Potential

Performance fails are incredibly embarrassing. The thought of re-experiencing that pain causes us to self-censor. As a result, we cut ourselves off from our own potential.

Over the course of 15 years after a surgery, the scar tissue gradually limited my mobility. The distance I could walk got shorter and shorter. The speed I could walk got slower and slower.

How has fear of embarrassment and self-censorship gradually limited your potential? Like me, did you resign yourself to it? Did you make concessions and modify your path?

By the time I could hardly move, something snapped inside me and I sought out help. Within 1 year I was able to return to yoga, bike riding, long hikes and I even climbed a mountain!

Does this diagram snap something in you?

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Diane Allen is a keynote speaker who speaks on peak performance and leadership. She was the lead violinist of a symphony orchestra for 15 years where it was demanded of her to always be in her A-Game.

As a speaker, with her violin in hand, she now helps people to get out of their own way, fulfill on their potential, and lead with heart.

Diane also helps family and friends of Hospice & Alzheimer’s patients to feel empowered and supported in the face of death.

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