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How to Own Your A-Game by Letting it Roll Right Off Your Tongue

A week before a very important speaking engagement, I went out to a networking event. My friends who know me well told me how animated, lit up and engaging I was. They felt energized just hanging out with me.

The truth? I wasn’t really feeling well. I had a long term stressful situation with my Mom’s declining health and it had taken it’s toll on me. I realized that what must be working for me was my preparation for my upcoming speaking engagement and how I would start every day practicing my elocution exercises.

There’s something quite unexpectedly good about practicing your pronunciation with a bunch of tongue twisters and honestly, you won’t believe me until you try it.

Your challenge is to read these out loud every day for at least one week and notice how it shows up when you least expect it to! I know that you’re going to notice a difference with how you own your A-Game!

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