From Helpless to Empowered

I help hospice professionals to refuel
by re-connecting with the magnitude of their work.

When Diane Allen signed the papers to put her mother into hospice care, what she thought would be an agonizing waiting game until her mother passed, ended up becoming an enriching experience of tremendous personal growth. As a result, Diane went from feeling helpless to being fully empowered in the face of death.

Through heartwarming and humorous stories, her mother's art, violin music, and poignant quotes from hospice professionals, Diane walks the audience through specific steps to prevent burnout and refuel.

🔷  Understand the importance of embodying gratitude received.

🔷  Discover why it's vital to acknowledge your own work.

🔷  Leave knowing how to prevent burnout and refuel

“Diane’s combination of story, music, and message touched the audience deeply and inspired me personally to focus more on gratitude. The music aspect of her presentation is powerful. It opens up the heart so the message can truly take root. This was a life-changing experience. I left her presentation in tears, inspired to enjoy life and live more intentionally.” Scott Windes, Creative Director & Marketer BetterRX

"Friends of Hospice, a supporting organization of Partners In Care, has greatly appreciated the many ways Diane has helped advance our hospice mission. She spoke to our staff of over 100 nurses and other caregivers about how they empowered her to care for her mom at the end of her life. Then Diane inspired the audience at our annual Light Up a Life service of remembrance and gratitude. And more recently was the keynote speaker at our first annual Life Ending Well symposium. We have been very fortunate that the daughter of one of our patients happens to be a top notch speaker.
In all of our interactions with Diane, she has helped people reconnect with themselves after a loss or caregiver burnout, reflect on their life lessons, and inspired them to find or renew their purpose.  She is a joy to work with and learn from; we highly recommend Diane as a keynote speaker and workshop leader." Marlene Carlson, Director of Development & Communications, Partners In Care
"As a workaholic, I am at risk of burning out. I much appreciated Diane's message about receiving gratitude and acknowledging my work as a way to keep me refueled. She had an in-depth perception of how much a hospice professional's work goes by not necessarily unnoticed, but unacknowledged. She included many details from her hospice experience that highlighted our work. Diane's relationship with her mother provided the foundation for the presentation; told beautifully through the eyes of a loving daughter, Diane's experience with hospice professionals enhanced her understanding of life and her knowledge of her mother. It was an incredible unfolding of the impact healthcare professionals leave behind unknowingly and afforded a unique way to restore your batteries.  She made my day!” Justin Fontenot, MSN, RN, FASRN

Creating a Self Care Routine


How do you keep a healthy body, mind and spirit as you perform emotionally significant work with a high number of patients? Diane shares specific techniques to be at your best for each patient and spend less time at home recuperating. People discover the source of their inspiration and how to use it to refuel themselves and lead.

🔷  Learn how to release pent up stress and prevent it from building up.

🔷  Discover how to renew your inspiration as a tool to prevent burnout.

🔷  Leave with a personalized routine that keeps you on top of your game.

Death Without Drama: With Planning Comes Peace

I help family and friends of Hospice & Palliative patients
to feel supported and empowered in the face of death.

“When I get senile, put me in a home and let me die naturally.” For over 30 years Grace Bishko, repeatedly told her children exactly that. So when Grace was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism in addition to her late stage Alzheimer’s, her daughter Diane knew exactly what to do. It was time for hospice.

Grace’s end of life preparations were extensive, which set the scene for her and her children to experience her declining years in the most Grace-ful way possible.

Diane Allen shares how her Mother prepared, how hospice provider Partners in Care helped her to prepare, and how she’s now applying the lessons learned to help her fearful father as he faces his declining years. Diane weaves in a rich variety of threads such as stress management and leadership. Diane’s slides feature images of her Mother’s artwork.

🔷 Examples of the preparation that brings peace.

🔷 Tips to manage stress.

🔷 The journey from helping to leading.

Take Ownership of Your Leadership


In her speech, Diane described her journey from follower to leader. She discovered the hard way that by denying her leadership role she was not serving herself or her family. With each step that she took towards leadership, she reconnected with herself and learned how to support her family in the best way possible.

On her leadership journey, Diane started with Self-Leadership to get out of reaction mode. She used Influential Leadership similar to her role as the lead violinist of an orchestra and led by example. What Diane calls Pro-Active Leadership represents the action steps that Diane took to guide her Mother through the last stages of the dying process.

In this breakout, audience members will discuss how they can apply:

🔷 Self-Leadership

🔷  Influential Leadership

🔷 Pro-Active Leadership