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Own Your A-Game Outside of Your Comfort Zone: Inchworm or Frog?

Navigating yourself outside of your comfort zone does not have to be a game of chance. You can masterfully navigate being your best self even when you are stretching yourself.

What is Your A-Game?

Owning your A-Game is the ability to consistently be your best self. The first step is to define what your A-Game is. Examine places where you are in your comfort zone already being your best self. This is you in your element, doing the thing you love, losing all track of time, and being fully immersed. What is the activity you are doing? When you define this, you can then choose to purposefully get into this state anytime, anywhere, and most importantly, use it outside of your comfort zone. (For a more in depth look into this process, go here.)

Assess Your Relationship with Risk

Once you have defined your A-Game and you are ready to take it for a drive outside of your comfort zone, take a look at the different scenarios you have avoided by playing it safe. Where would you like to stretch? On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being highly risky) rate how risky each scenario is for you. Next, give each scenario a “swimming in the cold pool” test. Are you better off diving right in or by slowly acclimating?

Inchworm or Frog?

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Inchworm – If you need to dip your toe in the pool and slowly acclimate, then you’ll want to be an inchworm as you step into being your best self outside of your comfort zone. Be systematic and break down the mini milestones you’ll need to take. Make sure to celebrate achieving each one!

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Frog – If you need to dive right into the pool, go for it! Enjoy the thrill! Celebrate any lessons learned along the way.

And of course you may find yourself being creative. Maybe you want to use a bigger inchworm or smaller frog!

Define your A-Game and use it to stand tall in your confidence as you purposefully stretch yourself inchworm or frog style. Make what used to be out of your comfort zone, in your comfort zone and never stop stretching!

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