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Forbes List of Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

Here’s a slide that I created for an Oregon & Washington Meeting Planners conference.

I think it’s interesting to see a list like this but there are so many variables. For example, a Firefighter may be fully in their element in their work. But they may have troubles thinking clearly in the heat of the moment. Using some of the techniques to get blood flowing in their brain may make a big difference.

A Newspaper Reporter may feel off their game and have lack of interest because they are covering home and garden topics when they are passionate about sports. Knowing what fuels their passion for sports may be something like how teams create outcomes that are far greater than individuals and the concept of unity. So as they cover home and garden topics, they could look for ways to incorporate team topics. How One Community Came Together for a Weekend Garden Makeover! Contractor Builds Office Buildings in Half the Time but with Twice the Quality by Applying Team Sports Techniques. This way the reporter can stay engaged and in their A-Game until they find the best job match for their interests.

How can you bring your A-Game to every aspect of your work?

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