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Don’t Poo Poo Your Pipe Dreams! Here’s why…

Pipe dreams are a window into what you are truly capable of. They are a vision, a feeling, and an inner dialog of potential waiting to happen. Without us honoring them and taking action, that potential lies dormant. A character in a fiction book I read found it cruel to not water the houseplants. That idea has certainly made me conscientious!  You? Are you going to honor your pipe dreams by watering them or poo poo them?

I was doing a journal writing exercise earlier today and the prompt was to write about enthusiasm. With regards to enthusiasm, I discovered that it’s very easy and natural for me to feel incredibly enthusiastic about other people’s pipe dreams. It’s so easy to see the potential of their pipe dreams because you’re not in their head experiencing all of their limiting beliefs!

I asked myself if I could feel unbridled enthusiasm for my own pipe dreams in an authentic way without forcing. That’s my current #challengeaccepted. Will you join me?


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