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Do Your Performance Fails Define You?

I was 16 years old when I auditioned to get into the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. In addition to being an awkward teenager, my heart was racing and and hands were all sweaty. While I was in the warm-up room taking my violin out of it’s case, the violin slipped right out of my hands and crashed onto the tile floor! The good news is that the violin didn’t break. The bad news is that I was completely shaken up and I did a terrible job at my audition.

The fear of experiencing embarrassment at my auditions became what defined me over the next decade. Because I hadn’t yet defined what my A-Game is, that performance fail loomed BIGGER and took over. Once I could define my A-Game, I could make it BIGGER than my performance fails and stand in my power! This is why I’m so passionate about helping people to own their A-Game!

How can your A-Game play a bigger role in your life?

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