Your Powerful Flow State: The Key to Being Your Best and Loving What You Do


A powerful thought pattern exists within each of us to bring out the very best in ourselves. Psychologists call it the flow state. Very few know how to access it. With gutsy raw emotion, Diane Allen plays her Copper Dragon violin in the flow state. Then, reveals how to discover your Flow Strategy. This multi-sensory keynote is at once entertaining, instructive and immediately actionable. Attendees leave knowing how to get into their flow state and apply it to perform their best in any situation.

🔷 Learn what the flow state is, the neurobiology that makes it accessible to everyone, and the importance of cultivating it.

🔷 Discover how to access your flow state.

🔷 Identify the source of your self-motivation and free your potential.



Own Your A-Game: Stress Response Mastery


Along with being wired to access our flow state and get into our A-Game, all people are wired with a fight or flight response. Whether you sense it or not, your fight or flight response gets triggered on a daily basis and keeps you from accessing your A-Game. Discover how to quiet your fight or flight response and amplify your purpose.

🔷  Learn how to stop nervous symptoms such as butterflies, heart racing, and forgetting information when you are put on the spot.

🔷  Gain mastery over distractions so you can stay focused and in flow.

🔷  Discover how to tap into your purpose and keep your fight or flight from being triggered.


Working in Event Sales, I hear hundreds of speakers. Diane presented in a way I have never heard before. Using her immense musical talent, she demonstrated how to implement the three necessary pillars to be convincing. The musical component provided a memorable message and experience.

Alisia Anderson
Event Sales & Marketing for Safeco Field