Get "into" your life like a musician gets "into" the music.

Own Your A-Game: Own Your Life


People are already wired for peak performance. The key is learning how to access it. As a result, confidence strengthens, performance blossoms, and innovative ideas are continuously generated. People are enthusiastic, inspired, and fulfilled.

🔷 Learn what the flow state is, the neurobiology that makes it accessible to everyone, and the importance of cultivating it.

🔷 Discover how to access your A-Game.

🔷 Identify the source of your self-motivation and free your potential.



Own Your A-Game: Stress Response Mastery


Along with being wired to access our flow state and get into our A-Game, all people are wired with a fight or flight response. Whether you sense it or not, your fight or flight response gets triggered on a daily basis and keeps you from accessing your A-Game. Discover how to quiet your fight or flight response and amplify your purpose.

🔷  Learn how to stop nervous symptoms such as butterflies, heart racing, and forgetting information when you are put on the spot.

🔷  Gain mastery over distractions so you can stay focused and in flow.

🔷  Discover how to tap into your purpose and keep your fight or flight from being triggered.


Working in Event Sales, I hear hundreds of speakers. Diane presented in a way I have never heard before. Using her immense musical talent, she demonstrated how to implement the three necessary pillars to be convincing. The musical component provided a memorable message and experience.

Alisia Anderson
Event Sales & Marketing for Safeco Field