Own Your A-Game System ®


  • Employees discover their most compelling self-motivators.
  • The quality and productivity of their work increases.
  • Retain your talent.


  • Cultivate your Leaders: Entry level through C-Suite
  • Everybody leads. People learn to inspire themselves and inspire others.
  • Employees discover how to exceed their previous performance levels.


  • People understand how to reduce and prevent stress so that…
  • … they can master high performance under high pressure.
  • Expand people’s confidence into a variety of environments.

Get "into" your work the way a musician gets "into" the music.

Own Your A-Game: Fulfill on Your Potential

Best Audience: Corporations and Associations that rely on Cultivating Leaders & Maximizing Human Potential

Lack of engagement, trouble developing or finding leaders and retaining talent when your high performers are burning out are all threats to the true potential of an organization. When each person is fully engaged, leaders are inspired, and your employees are resilient, your organization can not only reach goals but exceed them.

Violinist Diane Allen draws from her extensive experience as a professional musician. Without engagement, leadership and resilience, musicians don’t stand a chance in having a career. In addition, without the ability to deeply engage, lead and be resilient, performing becomes drudgery instead of highly rewarding. This is why musicians know that they have to take full responsibility for getting “into” the music.

Through systematic trial and error, Diane designed The Own Your A-Game System® to help her go from repeated performance fails to being in her A-Game. As she shared her system with non-musicians, she discovered that they were able to get into their life like a musician gets into the music. With her violin in hand, Diane now shares her system with organizations who rely on cultivating leadership and who rely on maximizing human potential.

🔷 Discover how they deeply engage and get into their A-Game.

🔷 Learn how to use inspiration to have high performance under high pressure and lead.

🔷 Gain mastery over their stress response and develop resilience.

🔷 Leave knowing how to apply the Own Your A-Game System® for themselves and for others.



Own Your A-Game: How to Be Convincing


Are communication gaps getting in the way? In this session, you will not only receive an evaluation tool as to why you may not have been convincing in the past, but you will leave knowing exactly what to say in order to be convincing.

Learn how to increase your conversion rates selling your ideas, products, and services.

🔷  Go from “selling” to educating and leading.

🔷  Harness your most convincing energy.

🔷  Learn the 3 critical things you must say in order to convince.


I had the pleasure of attending Diane's session "How to Be Convincing". Working in Event Sales, I hear hundreds of speakers. Diane presented in a way I have never heard before. Using her immense musical talent, she demonstrated how to implement the three necessary pillars to be convincing. The musical component provided a memorable message and experience.

Alisia Anderson
Event Sales & Marketing for Safeco Field