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Connect with Your Potential

You know how you imagine yourself being an orating genius and slam dunk a difficult situation? How about feeling deep confidence in yourself and seeing all of your future accomplishments even though right now you’re a hot mess? Do you imagine hearing people acknowledging you for a job not only well done but for how your work in particular knocked it out of the ballpark?

Now, notice what you do with these visions. Let me guess… You lay awake all night being so excited that you can’t sleep!

No? You shoo the thoughts away?

Those imaginary situations are a glimpse into what you are truly capable of. If you couldn’t be it, you most certainly wouldn’t dream it. The disconnect starts with whisking those thoughts out of your mind.

What if you entertained yourself by following those threads of thought instead? Nobody has to know about it but you. Watch how your visions grow and develop. Notice the feelings they invoke within you. Watch how they seep out into your daily life.

Connect with your potential and let yourself evolve and grow!

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Diane Allen is a violinist and keynote speaker. With her violin in hand, Diane helps people to close their performance gaps, fulfill on their potential, and lead with heart.

Diane also helps caregivers of Hospice & Alzheimer’s patients to feel empowered and supported in the face of death.

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