Own Your A-Game in Network Marketing: Authentic & Vulnerable Communication

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Bobbi, a woman who is a health practitioner, gave Juice Plus to her 2 children who suffered from Lupus. Both of her kids stabilized, built up their stamina, and found much greater daily enjoyment. Bobbi became so passionate about the outcomes that Juice Plus provided that she decided to sell it. But for some reason, everything about being a Juice Plus representative felt awkward. She didn’t know how to feel like herself selling a product. All she wanted to do was to provide the same opportunity for others and she was frustrated that it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

When it comes to network marketing, connection is key. When network marketers are at ease in being authentic and vulnerable, people feel connection with them. Being at ease with authentic and vulnerable communication means you are not only being comfortable with your own character and quirks, but you are willing to let people see your ups and downs.

Why do some people make authentic vulnerable communication look so easy? People who make it look easy can be described as being in their flow state, their genius, or what I like to call their A-Game: the ability to consistently be your best self. These people know how to tap into their A-Game anytime, anywhere: one-on-one, in front of groups, on video, etc.

Why is it elusive for others? For people who find this elusive, there’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, you are in the majority. Three out of four people are inhibited when it comes to public speaking which is what network marketing is – speaking to others.

Define Your A-Game

The quickest way to overcome inhibitions is to define your A-Game. When you define it, you own it. You’ll know how to purposefully tap in anytime, anywhere and you’ll be able to do it with ease.

To define your A-Game, let’s start with you in your comfort zone. You are in your element doing that thing that you love. All of your synapses are firing, all of your resources are at your fingertips and you lose sense of time. This is you being you without any inhibitions. You are in your flow state, your genius, your A-Game.

For example, we all know people who the moment they step into the kitchen, they are in their element. But if you ask them what they are doing, they’ll name different activities.

My friend Layla healed herself with food and now mentors other people to do the same. For Layla, when she’s in the kitchen she’s not “cooking”. It’s the activity of healing and mentoring that taps her into her A-Game.

My friend Lisa loves playing cooking contest games with family and friends. For Lisa, when she’s in the kitchen, she’s connecting with others, creating community, and having fun.

If you ask my Dad, it’s because he pours his love into the food and then feeds it to the people he loves.

Where are you when you are in your element? Is it the kitchen, at work, feeding the homeless, climbing a mountain, a hobby??? Where are you your best self?

The next step is to determine what you are doing when you are in your element.

Some people are connectors, problem solvers, big picture thinkers. There are people who create, people who illuminate, and people who innovate. And then there are people like my husband and son. They simply love being helpful. For Layla it’s healing and mentoring. Lisa is connecting and creating community. My Dad… expressing love.

Are there any words on this list that resonate with you? Do they make you think of other words that describe what you are doing when you are your best self?

I am in my element in many different places: as a violinist, violin teacher, keynote speaker, speaking coach, and I can’t leave out that I was in my element for the 13 years my son let me read out loud to him! While it sounds like these are 5 different arenas, when I defined my A-Game, I realized that I am only doing one thing: I share. It’s the act of sharing that is the common activity that taps me into my flow state in each.

Take the time to zero in on one, two or three words that clearly define how you get into your flow state, your genius, your A-Game. For example, I call it sharing, but someone else might call it giving, showing, or teaching.

Your A-Game in Action

When I was starting my violin career, I had good days and bad days. Sometimes I would be completely uninhibited and free but most of the time my self-consciousness destructively got in my way with heart racing and shaking hands. This was a huge barrier. If I couldn’t display confidence in myself, how could others feel confident in me? How could they connect if I couldn’t be my natural authentic and vulnerable self?

It was out of upset and embarrassment of those bad days that I started closely examining my good days to figure out how to consistently recreate them. This was how I discovered that when I was in the act of sharing, that it guaranteed a good day. When you define your A-Game, you can choose to be in your A-Game anywhere.

I decided to test this further. Networking events had always been awkward for me. It was something to avoid at all costs. So I decided to get into the act of sharing when I attended networking events. I instantly felt like myself and showed up in my natural confidence, with my character and quirks, and with my ups and downs.

Putting your A-Game in action means that you purposefully choose to get into your A-Game in the different landscapes of your life. It’s the quickest way to shift from being out of your comfort zone to into your comfort zone.

Bobbi heard me deliver a keynote and had defined her A-Game. She got into her flow state when she was working 1-on-1 with her health care patients. When she closely examined the activities that she does as a practitioner, she said that she was listening intently and healing. So she stopped speaking to groups, focused 1-on-1 and used the same listening style with the intention of healing. Once she got the swing of it, she was able to speak in front of groups. Bobbi dropped her inhibitions, got into her A-Game and she sent me an email saying “Now I know which rock I stand on!”

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