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When your body keeps your ideas from being heard, what choice do you make?

Sitting in the audience at the #BendTECHunConference2017Pitchfest, listening to 18 pitches, one gentleman had a debilitating case of nerves, and he never rallied. He couldn’t remember anything he had planned to say. His innovative idea that solves a huge problem stayed inside of him.

Isn’t that sad?

What triggered his paralysis? Was it that he never used a microphone before? Was it because over 100 people were looking at him? Was it because he knew that people would be voting for the prize winner which in essence meant they would be judging his idea?

While this gentleman had an extreme reaction, we all react to some degree because we are wired to.

Are you a storehouse of unshared ideas as a result?

Do you think it’s easier to keep your ideas to yourself?

Think about the times you didn’t share your thoughts. Were you in a meeting? Were you at school? Were you with family? Do you see any patterns of avoidance?

If you thought it was sad that the gentleman at the pitchfest left without sharing his idea, can you see that for yourself?

Your ideas matter.

I want you to honor yourself and share your ideas. I want you to stand tall in confidence because you choose to have mastery over your stress response. I want you strive for peak performance in your daily life as a path to fulfill on your potential.

The first step is simply to become aware. Are you staying in your comfort zone? Is everything you want on the other side of your comfort zone? Are you ready to expand your comfort zone and learn how to masterfully navigate outside of your comfort zone?

What choices will you make?

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