How can a violinist help cultivate talent and maximize potential?

"Get into your life like a musician gets into the music." Diane Allen

Diane Allen, The ‘Own Your Potential’ Speaker and Violinist, is an Award-Winning International Speaker and her expertise is with the Positive Psychology of Peak Performance: The Flow State. She is known for her Experiential Keynotes that have helped thousands of people around the world to break through their performance gaps and unleash their potential. Her proprietary process helps to increase the bottom line by empowering people to be at their best anytime, anyplace, no matter how high the pressure. She was the Concertmaster (lead violinist) of the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years, a well sought-after Violin Teacher of 28 years, and the author of Sixteen Music Workbooks sold worldwide. She has been the keynote speaker for Women’s Conferences, Talent Development Professionals, Human Resources Associations, along with many others. Her flow state work has been published on IDEAS.TED.COM, and her TEDxNaperville talk has been elevated to the main TED platform.

Diane is sponsored by The Electric Violin Shop and delivers her keynote performances with her Copper Dragon Violin (Instagram: @dianeallenspeaker).

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