How can a violinist help cultivate talent and maximize potential?

TEDx speaker and violinist Diane Allen is on a mission to help people deeply engage with their lives and free their potential. Diane has helped thousands to get into their A-Game making creativity and outstanding performance readily available. As seen in her TEDxNaperville talk, Diane, an expert in helping people access the flow state, shows people how to shift into an optimal state of mind where people feel their best and perform their best. What began as a personal challenge for her to own her A-Game, has grown into a passion and a mastery for helping others to own theirs. A New York City trained violinist, Diane became the Concertmaster of the Central Oregon Symphony. With her Copper Dragon Violin in hand, she now helps organizations to cultivate their talent and maximize potential.

Diane is sponsored by The Electric Violin Shop and delivers her keynote performances with her Copper Dragon Violin (Instagram: @copperdragonviolin).