How can a concert violinist help maximize results and influence?

Diane knows the personal barriers that keep people from operating in their A-Game, especially when it matters most. As a peak performance and leadership speaker, Diane speaks for associations, corporations, and various organizations that rely on high performance and on cultivating leaders throughout all levels. Audiences gain their own personalized steps for consistent excellence, increasing their effectiveness, their engagement, and the bottom line.

What began as a personal challenge to own her A-Game, has grown into a passion and a mastery for helping others to own theirs. The Own Your A-Game System® consists of various methods to access personal peak performance plus the neuroscience to back it up. Diane’s mission is to help everyone increase their satisfaction in life and their well-being by fulfilling on their potential.

Unlike other peak performance speakers, Diane is not an athlete. She was the concertmaster (the lead violin player) of the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years where she was expected to lead with her heart and always be in her A-Game.

As a coach, Diane helps people to confidently be in their A-Game during high stakes events where everything hinges on their performance. She has coached for TEDxBend, the Bend Venture Conference (think Shark Tank) and for individuals at VMWare, HSBC, and Charles Schwab.

Diane is sponsored by The Electric Violin Shop and delivers her keynote performances with her Copper Dragon Violin (Instagram: @copperdragonviolin).

Diane and her bass playing husband's eyes first met across the orchestra while performing. They now live in beautiful Bend, OR. Empty nesters, their son is owning his A-Game as a budding pilot. When not speaking, Diane can be found out on a hike, doing hot yoga, or practicing improv. And while she finds sewing a button the most challenging thing on the planet, she’ll drop everything to share about her profound experiences with Hospice and her mother's passing while bringing levity and profound understanding to difficult topics.