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Be the Leader of Your Environment! Your A-Game Depends on It!

You’re completely immersed and loving it! Not only are you making major progress, but you are in a heightened energy state and rocking your A-Game. Maybe you’re connecting dots, communicating to others in gratifying ways, seeing solutions you hadn’t seen before. At the end of the day you’re happy, satisfied, and inspired.

What was going on in your environment that set the scene for you to have an A-Game day? Did you have quiet uninterrupted time? Did you have an engaging brainstorming session? Was your favorite kind of music playing? Did you run 5 miles in the morning? Go through the details of your day and notice which environmental factors were the biggest contributors for your ability to get into your A-Game.

My husband and I are on a trip to help out our elderly parents. For me, as long as I have my laptop, I can continue to work anytime, anywhere, except when the TV is on. Florida homes tend to have tile floors and hollow doors. Elderly parents in Florida homes tend to have hearing loss so the volume of their TV’s are on 10. The sound of screaming voices on The Price is Right and the drama of the soap operas have been inescapable and yet the presence of my husband and I in their homes is very important for all of us. This environment has made my work difficult, fragmented, and frustrating despite my use of a daily planner and easy to follow checklist. As a result, I found myself living out an internal struggle of honoring the situation and honoring the importance of my work.

What derails you? Noise? Silence? An uncomfortable chair? Food types? Being in the same room all the time? Difficult drive to work? Not being organized? Being too organized? Too many meetings in the morning when you do your best work alone?

What circumstances in your daily life keep you from being in your A-Game? Why are you putting up with it?

We laugh at the rituals of the famous movie actress who has to wash her hair with bottled spring water and spend 30 minutes daily repeating mantras in the mirror. But my career as a violinist relied on daily practice and keeping my body both strong and relaxed. When I retired, I found that keeping my hands moisturized to a specific degree wasn’t as important anymore and fully realized how much hand moisturizing had become part of my environment to do my best!

Maybe you know exactly what kind of environment supports getting you into your A-Game. Maybe you need to experiment, tweak and refine your environment. Whatever the case, it’s time for you to take a stand for your own standards and be the leader in creating the best environment for you to flourish.

After a week of trial and error and internally standing up for my own standard of work as we help our families out, I finally discovered that if I listen to meditation music with my earbuds on I’m a powerhouse!

Striving for peak performance is a way of life. How can you become a powerhouse right now?

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