The Own Your Potential Speaker & Violinist

The Positive Psychology of Peak Performance:

The Flow State

People already have the capacity for peak performance,
even under high pressure, and it's absolutely exhilarating.
How do people experience the Positive Psychology of Peak Performance?
The Flow State
With her Copper Dragon Violin in hand,
Diane shows people how to get into their flow state, on demand.

Diane Allen works with organizations to increase the bottom line
by empowering employees to be in their A-Game
anytime, anyplace, no matter how high the pressure.
She is a high content speaker who engages audiences
through multi-sensory experiential programs.
In-Person & Virtual Presentations with state of the art broadcasting equipment.


"Thank you for speaking for MPI Oregon. You are a pleasure to work with and I really wish all speakers were half as kind, helpful, and flexible as you. Your professionalism is unparalleled. Meeting Planners are lucky to have you in their contacts."
Chase Brunson, CMP - Convention Services Manager Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Washington Square

Diane’s ability to talk about the philosophy behind her Flow State while simultaneously communicating it auditorily through her music was an incredible combination. It translates beautifully and it’s something you won’t want to miss!

Elizabeth Williams Editor, Modern In San Antonio

I thought the way Diane incorporated sound into her presentation was unique. My brain started to associate the steps with the music allowing me to remember the information in a different way. It’s not often you receive sales training that is correlated to music – it really resonated with me!

Cassandra Lieberman Director of Sales, Archer Hotel

Very enlightening and motivational.

Cindy Williams Metro West Ambulance

Remembering the power of my heartspace – WOW! 15 feet is amazing! Good, useful tools for success and remembering to pause to focus on my body, mind, and spirit. Thank You!

Sharon Borgardt Chief HR Officer/Wauna Federal Credit Union

After today’s session with Diane Allen, I can see myself developing a productive physical response to release any unwanted paralysis.

Kelly Stiles HR Director/Clatsop County Oregon

Very Helpful! Now I will make sure to stop and conquer my Body/Mind/Spirit before acting on a difficult action. Looking forward to sharing this with employees who are stuck on a plateau.

Steve McCoy CFO/Clatsop Bank

Thank you once again for blowing us over with your heartfelt messages that speak to our mission. We simply cannot imagine a more perfect fit for our members.

Board Members Friends of Hospice/Partners in Care

Great presentation – Thank you. I learned so much especially how to get out of my own way.

Mary Phillips Qualtura Biotech/Founder

Thank you for the wonderful tips for getting past nervous “shut down”. So HELPFUL.

Erica Rolniak Action Dynamix/Certified Medical Massage Practitioner

Great info! I really appreciated the knowledge given about how to be convincing and the advice about how to get out of your own way!

Claire Oester Lucuda Swim/CEO

I now see how to tie my passion to my work and the importance of giving myself permission to prioritize time for doing the things that get me into my A-Game.

Joshua Romero Community Relations Manager/City of Bend

I loved the calming, confidence building “heart” techniques.

Sharon Swanson Student/Integrative Healthcare

I am now able to serve others more confidently by connecting to my passion of helping others.

Stefanie Davis Social Media Management/Stefanie Davis Media

Diane is a wonderful speaker. I appreciate the positive outlook combined with physical tools.

Allison Giffin Manager & Bookkeeper/Fieldstone Management

It’s invaluable to leave with specific methods to perform in your A-Game.

Victoria Malendoski Loan Originator/Prime Lending - A Plains Capital Company

I loved this presentation at SHRMA! Now that I know how, I am going to get out of my own way!

Shelli Wainwright CFO, RPD Truck Services
After hearing Diane’s warm, confident, and inspiring presentation, I can see myself realize on my potential as a confident person and performer.
Emily Brink Delta Omicron Alumni Member
I absolutely loved it! Diane was direct, clear, and relatable. I discovered that I need to stop keeping my passions to myself and use them as a way to lead others.
Andrew Epperson Delta Omicron Chapter President

I found Diane‘s presentation engaging, inspiring, and relatable. My biggest aha moment was understanding that influence is leadership. Great presentation!

Allison Gordon HR Business Partner, Lonza Bend