Peak performance exists within every individual, team, and organization and yet people fall short of their capabilities, especially when it matters most.

I help people to close their performance gaps, fulfill on their potential, and lead from the heart.

I also help caregivers of Hospice and Alzheimer's patients to feel support and empowered in the face of death.



Diane engages audiences and creates a high impact with her
stories and her poignant violin demos
for an unforgettable experience!

Are you ready to own your A-Game?


Very enlightening and motivational.

Cindy Williams Metro West Ambulance

Remembering the power of my heartspace – WOW! 15 feet is amazing! Good, useful tools for success and remembering to pause to focus on my body, mind, and spirit. Thank You!

Sharon Borgardt Chief HR Officer/Wauna Federal Credit Union

After today’s session with Diane Allen, I can see myself developing a productive physical response to release any unwanted paralysis.

Kelly Stiles HR Director/Clatsop County Oregon

Very Helpful! Now I will make sure to stop and conquer my Body/Mind/Spirit before acting on a difficult action. Looking forward to sharing this with employees who are stuck on a plateau.

Steve McCoy CFO/Clatsop Bank

Thank you once again for blowing us over with your heartfelt messages that speak to our mission. We simply cannot imagine a more perfect fit for our members.

Board Members Friends of Hospice/Partners in Care

Great presentation – Thank you. I learned so much especially how to get out of my own way.

Mary Phillips Qualtura Biotech/Founder

Thank you for the wonderful tips for getting past nervous “shut down”. So HELPFUL.

Erica Rolniak Action Dynamix/Certified Medical Massage Practitioner

Great info! I really appreciated the knowledge given about how to be convincing and the advice about how to get out of your own way!

Claire Oester Lucuda Swim/CEO

I now see how to tie my passion to my work and the importance of giving myself permission to prioritize time for doing the things that get me into my A-Game.

Joshua Romero Community Relations Manager/City of Bend

I loved the calming, confidence building “heart” techniques.

Sharon Swanson Student/Integrative Healthcare

I am now able to serve others more confidently by connecting to my passion of helping others.

Stefanie Davis Social Media Management/Stefanie Davis Media

Diane is a wonderful speaker. I appreciate the positive outlook combined with physical tools.

Allison Giffin Manager & Bookkeeper/Fieldstone Management

It’s invaluable to leave with specific methods to perform in your A-Game.

Victoria Malendoski Loan Originator/Prime Lending - A Plains Capital Company

I loved this presentation at SHRMA! Now that I know how, I am going to get out of my own way!

Shelli Wainwright CFO, RPD Truck Services
After hearing Diane’s warm, confident, and inspiring presentation, I can see myself realize on my potential as a confident person and performer.
Emily Brink Delta Omicron Alumni Member
I absolutely loved it! Diane was direct, clear, and relatable. I discovered that I need to stop keeping my passions to myself and use them as a way to lead others.
Andrew Epperson Delta Omicron Chapter President

I found Diane‘s presentation engaging, inspiring, and relatable. My biggest aha moment was understanding that influence is leadership. Great presentation!

Allison Gordon HR Business Partner, Lonza Bend